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sedation dentistry and it’s benefits

Dental phobia is real, in fact, over 50% of the people have not been to the dentist in years. At Arch View Family Dental we offer an option for those that fear the chair. Sedation Dentistry can take care of all your dental work in just a single appointment, and best of all you likely won’t remember a thing. Call now to schedule a free initial consultation. 618-656-2006

At Arch View Family Dental, we do all we can to make sure our patients never feel nervous about coming to see us. Even with our soothing touch and comfortable atmosphere, some patients require a little something more to assist them in relaxing. If you or a loved one is anxious about going to the dentist, our skilled staff can make your appointment a worry-free experience. Let us help you enjoy your dental experience!

That’s why we suggest the comfortable restfulness of sedation dentistry. Not only will you receive the quality dental care you need, but you can also do it without the stress and anxiety that sometimes comes from going to the dentist.

Research shows that when the body is comfortable as it is during sedation dentistry, dental procedures can be more efficient. Sedation dentistry dramatically decreases the body’s natural tendency to tight muscles while stressed – numbing is also effective, you can sit through prolonged appointments or have various procedures completed in one visit, and the gag reflex is reduced.

Oral Sedation Treatment

Oral conscious sedation is one of our most common sedation techniques since it is fast and simple and produces very few side effects. It is important that you have someone transport you to and from the appointment from home or work. During this type of sedation you are awake, however, you experience less of the anxiety and stress you normally would during the dental visit.

IV Sedation Dentistry

If you need oral surgery, suffer from extreme dental fears or need to schedule a lengthy appointment, we offer the deepest level of relaxation dentistry available right here in our office – IV sedation. Just sit down in our amazingly comfortable dental chair and fall asleep. When you wake, all your procedures will be completed!